At the YMCA, your time and talent go a long way. Every hour you spend as a YMCA volunteer translates into the caring attention a child or teen needs to grow up healthy and resilient. It translates into support for families so they can be successful and strong; into healthier lives for people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and incomes; into a safer, more viable community that's a good place to live and work. YMCAs are first and foremost volunteer organizations.

Volunteers are at the heart of every YMCA and that is why YMCAs are at the heart of community life in more than 10,000 communities nationwide. From helping Civil War troops more than a century ago to international disaster relief efforts today, YMCAs are one of the nation's leading volunteer organizations.

As a YMCA volunteer, you can lead an exercise class, read to a preschool class, coach a basketball team, cook for a bake sale, design a program brochure, greet people at the front desk, find items for an auction, serve as a role model for young people, help out in the office or at a special event, or be part of a group or committee working on a neighborhood problem. No matter how you help, you'll make a big difference as you work with others to create a feeling of connectedness in your community.


Policy Volunteer: The people who serve on YMCA boards and committees. Sitting on a YMCA committee is a great way to be involved, help shape policy and program and actively direct the YMCA in a positive direction.


  • Building Committee
  • Program Comittee
  • Membership Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Leadership Comitteer
  • Policy Committee

Program Volunteer: Those who have direct contact with YMCA members and people in the community. They help the Y deliver programs and services. They also help with membership functions. (Swim Instructors, Child Care Aides, etc…)

Fundraising Volunteer: Those responsible for the leadership and legwork that goes into successful fundraising campaigns and special events.

Managerial Volunteer: The people who act as consultants for the YMCA, lending a special skill or talent in accounting, architecture, public relations, etc.

Support Volunteer: Those who help in the office, the facility and on the grounds.

When you are a volunteer at the YMCA, you are part of a not-for-profit organization that builds strong kids, strong families and strong communities. YMCA volunteers are surrounded by people who value caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Volunteers make a difference in the community - and they have a great experience as well!


It's easy to become a volunteer! Just contact us to let us know your interest. A YMCA representative will contact you to discuss all the opportunities available and find out which one is right for you. Please note that the YMCA reserves the right to run criminal background checks on any volunteer.