Teen Programs

Having fun as a teen. Building Mind and Body.

2019 Spring Session 1 Class Schedule

Raritan Valley YMCA teen programs help youths develop physically for greater fitness or competitiveness, and mentally/emotionally as they become the leaders of the future.

YMCA youth sports, fitness, and enrichment programs offer a simple, safe, non-intimidating way for kids to love learning, being healthy and/or physically active. Classes are non-competitive and presented in a fun and exciting way to maximize learning and interest. Our goal is to create excitement and interest while providing the basic skills so that children will gain a life-long love of learning, fitness, and physical activity.


2019 Session Dates

Teen Programs Descriptions

  • Building Future Leaders: Interested in becoming a YMCA Leader? Join us as we focus on fitness activities, proper exercise techniques, personal growth, character development, time management, resume workshopping, volunteer opportunities and much more in our Building Future Leaders program.
  • Introduction to Strength Training: Young teenagers are edu-cated in proper lifting forms, as well as strength exercises, light aerobics, and injury prevention techniques. Register for one or two days per week.
  • Speed School: There is NO off season in sports! RVY knows how to help you gain the competitive edge over your opponent. This program will improve lateral quickness, explosiveness, and coordination while gaining long-distance speed through age-appropriate elite training. The skills gained will transfer into all sports!