Individual Rates & Features

Thank you for considering membership at Raritan Valley YMCA. We're more than just a fitness center, camp, or daycare. We're a non-profit that has served the Brunswick area since 1867, and is committed to positive change in the community. We're honored to have you as a part of our family! Use the buttons to register for membership, or read on to learn about our membership options.

Did you know... your membership may be covered by your health insurance? The Y accepts several forms of third party paid memberships through health insurance plans. Please contact your health care provider to inquire about these opportunities and to receive a confirmation/member ID # for the Y to process.

New Members: Join during Healthy Kids Week (April 22nd to April 30th) and we'll waive the $75 joiner's fee!

Adult Wellness Membership

$29.25 per month + joiner’s fee

Wellness Center access during all open hours.

• Access to all group exercise classes.

• Child Watch during Child Watch hours. (Additional fees apply, see Child Watch page for details.)

• Access to all open basketball hours.

• Reciprocity at neighboring YMCAs, including pool access.

• Free Wellness Center orientation and personal training orientation.

Teen Wellness Membership (age 13 to 18)

$16.75 per month (no joiner’s fee)

• All features of an Adult Wellness Membership (above) at a reduced price.

3-month Wellness Membership

$125 (flat rate for 3 months)

• All features of an Adult Wellness Membership (above) for 3 months.

• At end of term, can renew another 3 months or convert to regular membership with no joiner’s fee.

Program Membership (Adult or Youth)

$70 annual (flat rate for 12 months)

• Allows registration for YMCA programs such as child care, summer camp, swim lessons, swim team, youth sports, etc. Individual program fees apply.

• Access to all open basketball hours.

• Does NOT include fitness center access or group exercise classes.

Comes with a free one-week trial of the fitness center and group exercise classes. (Trial must be claimed in-person at the Y within 2 weeks of Program Membership purchase. Adult Program Memberships include a fitness center trial for the member. Youth Program Memberships include a fitness center trial for the PARENTS of the member.)